8 Reasons You Should Stop Using Linktree – And What To Do Instead

8 Reasons You Should Stop Using Linktree - And What To Do Instead

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Many users are frustrated with the results of Linktree and other similar “link in bio” services. You are not alone.

Your content deserves more than a list of links. 

That’s why we created Link Up as a new personal bio link website, custom designed, to maximize the engagement of your content, projects, and partnerships. Link Up allows you to feature any content from your active platforms and partners on your own URL.

From the products you’re selling to videos, music, events and more. Each Link Up website comes with all the tools you need to rule social media. Use your own domain, 100+ drag and drop content widgets, third party plugins and total CSS control are just the start. 

Still not convinced? Below are the Top 8 reasons you need to ditch Linktree and get Linked up!

Linktree sacrifices your branding

With only a handful of color schemes, Linktree makes it incredibly difficult to create a cohesive brand experience.

It’s an additional step further from your website

The aim of Social Media is to get people to your website. If you are using Linktree you are just adding another step before people can reach your website. A Linktree bio link is taking your audience to a site that you have zero control over That extra step is totally unnecessary and reduces conversion rates. (Not to mention I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on someone’s Linktree and it just hasn’t worked).

Linktree Logo 

Would you allow someone else’s logo on your website? Most definitely not! If you wouldn’t allow another brand logo on your website why should you allow a linktree logo in your bio profile?

Not your own URL

The link to your Instagram profile is a linktree link  – this takes away from your branding. The visibility of your URL diminishes. Always remember that Linktree is not a brand. It was even considered to be a SPAM tool.

Hurts your SEO (Lower page ranking on Google)

One of the key factors for SEO ranking is the bio link. Search engines in general index bio links. Having your website there improves your rank. 

All the effort that you make on your social account only helps Linktree and not you! 


Linktree could be banned and/or marked as spam by Instagram or other social platforms at any time with no notice – leaving you with a broken link on your bio. This has already happened recently when Instagram temporarily recognized Linktree as against community standards.

No Personalization

Your brand deserves  personalized experience from your social media profile right up to your website. With Linktree you can’t do that. It restricts the use of photos, colors and content. You’re left with nothing but a plain list of boring links. 

No Analytics or FB Pixel

Linktree and similar services give you no easy or free way to track analytics and evaluate if your links are converting. This is a major set back when you can’t re-market your services to people who have visited your profile links.

So don’t wait any longer! Whether you’re a creator, game changer, trendsetter, go getter or thought leader; Link Up is the perfect solution for any industry professional that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Are you using Linktree? 😔 Make the switch and get Linked up today!